Deus Ex Machina ‘HANDMADE’ Festival

The first weekend of September, the American division of Deus Ex Machina organized in Venice a brilliant festival dedicated to small and large array of handcrafted excellence. Here is a brief recap of the event. “In this weird era of massively-produced, colossally-consumed, disastrously-disposed-of goods where the lowest online price and free ground shipping seem to […]

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Illustrations, Photography

Tristan Wheelock x David Hoskins – V-Town

V-Town is a collaboration between photographer Tristan Wheelock and illustrator David Hoskins, two friends from Venice, Florida. “We both grew up in the small town of Venice, Florida. Population: just over 20,000. Median age: 69. There’s not a lot that happens in this little city so you kind of have to make your own fun. […]

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