What Youth x Dion Agius – Nti Sheeto

WHAT YOUTH is introducing Nti Sheeto (Knee-sheet-o), a surf film illustrating the contrast between the psychedelic and magical natural wonders of Indonesia with the surreal and demented trappings of it’s darker nighttime street culture. Indonesia is amazing for all that it is and this is Dion Agius’ film opus to the region. Starring Ozzie Wright, […]

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Highlights, Illustrations, Photography, Video

The work of Jeremy Asher Lynch

Jeremy Asher Lynch was Born on a chicken farm in Hebron, Maryland, he has migrated between Alaska,California and Florida. He began creating skate videos and short films when he was just twelve years old, and after graduating from film school years later, he continues. Jeremy now resides in Santa Monica, California, working as a Commercial Director by […]

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