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MAMAMA x Sergeant Cotton x Jeanspezial

Parallel to their exhibition starting today at Sergeant Paper (see here) Nicolas Barrome, Jean Michel Ouvry and Sébastien Touache from great collective Jeanspezial teamed-up with MAMAMA and Sergeant Cotton to create this wonderful scarf. Available online and at Sergeant Paper Gallery (38 Rue Quincampoix, Paris). Advertisements

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Jeanspezial – ‘Leurs Petits Papiers’ @ Sergeant Paper

Nicolas Barrome, Jean-Michel Ouvry and Sébastien Touache from French collective Jeanspezial are back this November 30th at Parisien Artstore Sergeant Paper for a new exhibition entitled ‘Leurs petits papiers‘ with a new series of original and limited prints and a scarf made in collaboration with MAMAMA and Sergeant Cotton.

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