POW! WOW! ’14 / Previews: “Exploring The New Contemporary Movement” @ Honolulu Museum Of Art School

Last night, the Honolulu Museum Of Art School hosted the official launch of this year’s edition of POW! WOW! Hawaii with an opening of a big  group show curated by the Thinkspace Gallery. Presenting all new 2×2′ works by40+ international urban, street and contemporary artists, this show attracted a lot of attention of the local art lovers as well as the participating artists of […]

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Street Art

G40 Art Summit (Richmond, Virginia) Photo Recap

Here is an overview of all walls made from a large group of international artists for the Art G40 Summit held last month in Richmond, Virginia. In order of appearance in the images you see pieces of ROA, Aryz, 2501, Jaz, Angry Woebots, Pixel Pancho, Scribe, The Pandilla and Lelo. Via Freshngood

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