POW! WOW! ’14 / Previews: “Exploring The New Contemporary Movement” @ Honolulu Museum Of Art School

Last night, the Honolulu Museum Of Art School hosted the official launch of this year’s edition of POW! WOW! Hawaii with an opening of a big  group show curated by the Thinkspace Gallery. Presenting all new 2×2′ works by40+ international urban, street and contemporary artists, this show attracted a lot of attention of the local art lovers as well as the participating artists of […]

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Street Art

Rone, Sofles, Meggs, Wonderlust, Roachi & Numskull in Melbourne

Yesterday for Australia Day, Rone, Sofles, Meggs, Wonderlust, Roachi & Numskull spent the afternoon working on this epic mega collaboration in Melbourne, Australia. The Australian gang delivers a brilliant new mural which reads “Once Bitten Twice Shy” and if you are in the area, this one can be seen on Hosier Lane, Melbourne.    Via Streetartnews

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Anyforty x T-World – The Australian Invasion Series

Anyforty and Australian T-World journal from Melbourne worked together for a nice t-shirt series with designs by Australian artists Dale and Ben Bigeni, Ben Brown, Travis Price, Meggs, Beastman, Numskull, Purdi Petunia, Deb, Ken Taylor. Each tee comes with a 24 page mini journal on the particular artist and is available now for £30 from anyforty.com

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Pow Wow 2012 Murals

Following up on an extremely successful showing in 2011, the multi-day POW WOW Hawai’i art event has been revived, this year, for its third annual showing. Originally conceived in Hong Kong, the event moved to founder Jasper Wong’s native Hawaii to help enrich the local creative scene. The event encompassed a global roster of over 30 […]

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Meggs for Endeavor Snowboards

L’artiste australien Dave “Meggs” Hooke s’est rendu à Vancouver pour redécorer les locaux d’Endeavor Snowboards avec notamment la fresque ci-dessous qui est la plus grande jamais réaisée par l’artiste. Australian Street Artist, Dave “Meggs” Hooke travels to the Endeavor Snowboards‘ design office in Vancouver to paint custom installations, including the largest wall mural the artist […]

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