MAMAMA ‘Sentai Division’


Inspired by the action-packed fantasy worlds of 80s Japanese TV shows, the new ‘Sentai Division’ collection by MAMAMA made in collaboration with honorable senseis Antoine Wantoo, Appelle Moi Papa, Aecho and Gino Bud Hoiting pays homage to the sense of excitement and adventure synonymous with such shows.

Full collection available at

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Director: Gabriel Dumas Delage
Assistant Director: Osman Mebarek André
Chief Operator: Yann Ludmann
Animation: Romain Mille
Editing: Mehdi Adraa & Alexandre Lagarde
Actors: Martin Belami, Ken Watanabe & Moon Kyu Lee
Music: AOTP – Dump The Clip

mamama_sentai_1 mamama_sentai_2 mamama_sentai_3 mamama_sentai_4


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