Stussy Fall 2015 “Tokyo” Lookbook

Stüssy’s Fall 2015 campaign sees Tyrone Lebon explore Tokyo, Japan, as the latest part in his multi-year photo series of Stüssy’s world tour cities. The third instalment includes a series of portraits, styled by Tom Guinness, rediscovering Stüssy’s roots, it’s relationship with Japan, and their cultural interpretation of the brand’s loose living philosophy. Highlighting the unique richness and diversity of Tokyo, Lebon and Guinness capture iconic elements of Japanese culture taking 20th century youth culture and pairing it with traditional Japanese references: Geishas, Harajuku and Tokyo’s nightlife feature as themes for Lebon’s journey through the east.

Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-01 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-02 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-03 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-04 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-05 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-06 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-07 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-08 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-09 Stussy-Fall-2015-by-Tyrone-Lebon-10


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