Daily Paper x Ace & Tate

This summer sees an exciting collaboration between eyewear brand Ace & Tate and clothing label Daily Paper. Both upcoming Amsterdam based brands possess individual style while also boasting complimentary aesthetic qualities, which shine through in this collaboration.

The two brands worked together to intertwine their creative strengths to produce a must-have summer beach pack. Customers can choose from Byron sunglasses in a cool Paradise Blue or a simmering Tropical Mist and pair them with an Asa-oke print swimsuit or swim shorts. The combination of products is presented in a unique beach tote bag, offering the ultimate essentials for an adventurous beach trip.

01-daily-paper-ace-tate-damske-plavky-jednodilne-cerne-bile-krizky-slunecni-bryle-panske-koupaci-sortky-bile-plavky-tmave-modre-krizky 02-daily-paper-ace-tate-jednodilne-damske-plavky-tmave-modre-bile-krizky 05-daily-paper-ace-tate-bile-jednodilne-damske-plavky-tmave-modre-krizky-damske-tmave-modre-slunecni-bryle 11-daily-paper-ace-tate-damske-kocici-slunecni-bryle-moderni-bryle-proti-slunci 12-daily-paper-ace-tate-panske-slunecni-bryle-moderni-bryle-proti-slunci 13-daily-paper-ace-tate-plazova-taska-s-cernymi-symboly-tmave-modre-slunceni-bryle



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