Mark McCloud – Take It Acid Is @ FIFTY24SF

Presented by Fifty24SF Gallery and Upper Playground, Mark McCloud’s ‘Take It Acid Is’ exhibition opened Friday, June 26th in San Francisco. The show features actual blotter paper from the largest collection of blotter art in the world, “The Institute of Illegal Images” and a selection of forensic photographic prints provided by

The Friday opening at Fifty24SF Gallery coincided with Grateful Dead’s “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead” in Santa Clara over the weekend. McCloud, who is recognized worldwide as the preeminent collector of LSD art, stated “This show focuses on the blotter art that I obtained or created through my 50 years of love for The Grateful Dead.”

screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.34.19 screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.34.28 screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.34.36 screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.34.45 screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.34.57 screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.35.09 screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.35.15 screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.35.24 screenshot 2015-07-09 à 01.35.39


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