Manu Rodriguez & Jose Porroche – Uncertain Future / Keeping Barcelona Weird

Uncertain Future and Keeping Barcelona Weird are two photo essays in catalogue form by Art Director Manu Rodriguez aka Mannnu made in collaboration with Spanish photographer Jose Porroche. The first is a selected collection of photos taken during 2013’s winter around Barcelona’s beaches pursuing a sentiment of nostalgia and reluctancy towards technology and the future itself, the second is focusing on Barcelona as his main subject, the photos are a collection of odd and funny moments in pursuit of portraying a city full of contrast.

Mannnu_UF_itsnicethat_10 Mannnu_UF_itsnicethat_9 Mannnu_UF_itsnicethat_8 Mannnu_UF_itsnicethat_1 Mannnu_Keeping_Barcelona_itsnicethat_11 Mannnu_Keeping_Barcelona_itsnicethat_6 Mannnu_Keeping_Barcelona_itsnicethat_5 Mannnu_Keeping_Barcelona_itsnicethat_4 Mannnu_Keeping_Barcelona_itsnicethat_3 Mannnu_Keeping_Barcelona_itsnicethat_2


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