Namsa Leuba – Ya Kala Ben

Half-Guinean, half-Swiss photographer Namsa Leuba is a champion of African visual culture. She channels the contrasts of her African-European roots by looking at tribal identity through a western lens, and for her series Ya Kala Ben – meaning “crossed look” – Namsa draws on the overlapping cultures of her upbringing and explores the rituals and customs of her mother’s native Guinea. Her striking images have been exhibited alongside Martin Parr and Viviane Sassen, and these portraits of local Guinean acrobats who perform at different ceremonies in Conakry are part of the new group show at Tiwani Contemporary, the London gallery that was one our favourites at the debut edition of Photo London last week.

namsa-leuba-itsnicethat-1 namsa-leuba-itsnicethat-2 namsa-leuba-itsnicethat-3 namsa-leuba-itsnicethat-5 namsa-leuba-itsnicethat-6 namsa-leuba-itsnicethat-7 namsa-leuba-itsnicethat-8 namsa-leuba-itsnicethat-9

Via It’s Nice That



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