Butter Goods – Summer 2015 Collection

Australian label  present their new Summer 2015 collection with this lookbook. New graphic t-shirts, longsleeves and sweatshirts, along with some new jackets and assorted hats to be available online starting from April 29.

butter-goods-spring-2015-1 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201501 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201502 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201503 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201504 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201505 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201506 (1) Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201507 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201508 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201509 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201510 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201511 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201513 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201514 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201515 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201516 Butter-Goods-winter-summer-201519



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