Olow SS15 Collection ‘Feito Em’

Our friends at Olow have released their new collection for Spring Summer 2015. The collection is presented in this beautiful photographic series shot by the talented Manu Fauque, paying tribute to the workers in their factory in Portugal.

Full collection available online at olow.fr/shop

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/121491898 w=640&h=360]

9O5A1A954-bd 9O5A195E4-bd 9O5A1529-bd 9O5A1616-bd 9O5A1620-bd 9O5A1718-bd 9O5A1767-bd 9O5A1791-bd 9O5A1888-bd 9O5A2112-bd 9O5A2161-bd 9O5A2458-bd 9O5A2515-bd 9O5A2589-bd 9O5A19254-bd 9O5A19542-bd 9O5A21954-bd 9O5A25471-bd m4-bd



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