FUCT Spring 2015 Lookbook

Fuct opens up the spring season with a new SSDD capsule collection titled ’Ric Clayton’.

Photography by Rick Rodney.

sd_1 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e7632 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e7889 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e7900 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8166 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8261 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8330 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8399 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8412 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8420 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8511 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8537 SSDD_CLAYTON2015ssdd_clayton15_228e8558



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