VNA #29 x Cleon Peterson

VNA Magazine just announced the release info about their newest issue #29. With Cleon Petersen as their cover artist, they picked his hometown of LA to celebrate the launch. The event will be held at Subliminal Projects,  this Saturday Feb. 14th, between 6-9pm.


vna_01 vna_02 vna_03

This issue features an extensive report on Peterson and his violently bacchanalian work that echoes the brutality he sees in society. Other articles include a look into work of legendary street photographer, Ricky Powell and the co-founder of Alife clothing turned book designer, Tony Arcabascio, a peek at the nature-loving Jessica Albarn and a look at the latest street work from London, San Juan and Las Vegas. Plus, included is a retrospective on the work of Ron English and the low-brow lowdown Detroit kingpins Inner State Gallery.

As usual, the magazine will have a limited edition boxset designed by the cover artist available at the event. This  includes a screen-printed front cover and boxset signed by Cleon Peterson, as well as die-cut stickers and postcards. These will be available exclusively at the LA and London launches, plus, for international fans, a small number of time-released copies will be available on their online store later on.


Via ArrestedMotion


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