Parra ‘Yer So Bad’ Exhibition Recap

Dutch artist Parra ‘Yer So Bad’ @ Jonathan Levine Gallery (NYC) Exhibition Recap

“Yer So Bad showcases a continuation of Parra’s witty and salacious post-pop imagery. Titled after the Tom Petty song, Yer So Bad, which tells the story of a girl who marries a “yuppie” and takes him for all he’s worth, this exhibition features the artist’s signature hybrid figures and freeform typography in works on canvas and paper. With an aesthetic rooted in Pop Art and the experimental graphics of the 1960s, Parra’s multi-disciplinary work spans cohesively across drawing, painting and animation.”

Parra-Yer-So-Bad-New-York-01-1260x840 Parra-Yer-So-Bad-New-York-03-1260x840 Parra-Yer-So-Bad-New-York-04-1260x840 Parra-Yer-So-Bad-New-York-05-1260x840 Parra-Yer-So-Bad-New-York-06-1260x840 Parra-Yer-So-Bad-New-York-07-1260x840 Parra-Yer-So-Bad-New-York-08-1260x840


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