For its first collaboration with Kiblind, French brand MAMAMA gave creative freedom to the magazine for a limited t-shirt series. The result is a graceful collection of 10 pieces in which 10 artists performed the graphic representation of numbers from 0 to 9.

To celebrate the release, the two collectives decided to create an exhibition at Point Ephémère in Paris highlighting the 10 artists involved in the collaboration: Eléonora Marton (0), Tomaya Wagasuki (1), Clément Paurd (2),Nicolas Ménard (3), Giacomo Bagnara (4), Margaux Othats (5), R Kikuo Johnson (6), Alles Gut (7), Château Fort Fort (8), Jérôme Dubois (9).

PhotosCampagnes_Vignette_def5_a192cbb8-db3f-49ab-bf5d-91517b32f698_1024x1024 PhotosCampagnes_Vignette_def4_1024x1024 PhotosCampagnes_Vignette_def_1024x1024 PhotosCampagnes_Vignette_def3_1024x1024 PhotosCampagnes_Vignette_def5_1024x1024 PhotosCampagnes_Vignette_def2_1024x1024 full2 copie

Full collection available here.

Facebook event here.


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