Barry McGee and Clare Rojas Exhibition @ Alessandra Bonomo Gallery in Rome

Barry McGee and Clare Rojas debut a joint exhibition at Alessandra Bonomo Gallery in Rome, Italy. Showcasing the couple’s visual harmony inside the gallery space, the exhibition features sharp geometrical forms inspired by Eastern European, Amish, and Native American tradition. McGee adds a range of minimalist sculptures and paper-maché pieces to the studio-like installation. In addition to cultural influences, the art selection highlights graffiti art, folk art, and Op art in a playful, yet sophisticated showing. Opened on October 8, the Barry McGee and Clare Rojas exhibition will be open to view until the end of the year.

barry-mcgee-and-clare-rojas-exhibition-alessandra-bonomo-gallery-in-rome-1 barry-mcgee-and-clare-rojas-exhibition-alessandra-bonomo-gallery-in-rome-2 barry-mcgee-and-clare-rojas-exhibition-alessandra-bonomo-gallery-in-rome-6 barry-mcgee-and-clare-rojas-exhibition-alessandra-bonomo-gallery-in-rome-7 barry-mcgee-and-clare-rojas-exhibition-alessandra-bonomo-gallery-in-rome-8

Alessandra Bonomo Gallery
Via Del Gesu 62
00186 Rome

Via Hypebeast


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