Israeli Girls by Dafy Hagai

‘Israeli Girls’ is an exploration of beauty ideals by Tel Aviv-based photographer Dafy Hagai, originally published as a zine and soon to be published as a book with the same title. Influenced by teen film directors and Americana photographers she takes these inspirations and translates them into local aesthetics and her own minimalistic, color-coded and graphic visual language.

000001 DafyHagai_IsraeliGirls_01 DafyHagai_IsraeliGirls_02 DafyHagai_IsraeliGirls_03 DafyHagai_IsraeliGirls_04 DafyHagai_IsraeliGirls_05 DafyHagai_IsraeliGirls_06 DafyHagai_IsraeliGirls_07 DafyHagai_IsraeliGirls_09



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