Brixton Holiday 2014 Collection

Californian label BRIXTON has released its new Holiday 2014 Collection.

Available on the brand online store.

HO14-Life-M-Atlan-01 HO14-Life-M-Barry-01 HO14-Life-M-Cane-01 HO14-Life-M-Cane-02 HO14-Life-M-Cass-01 HO14-Life-M-Defender-01 HO14-Life-M-Folsom-02 HO14-Life-M-Fraction-01 HO14-Life-M-Kensington-01 HO14-Life-M-Lincoln-01 HO14-Life-M-Miller-01 HO14-Life-M-Patterson-01 HO14-Life-M-Rival-Jacket-01 HO14-Life-M-Wilson-02 HO14-Life-Misc-CAN-01 HO14-Life-Misc-CAN-04 HO14-Life-Misc-CT-01 HO14-Life-Misc-Portland-01 HO14-Life-Misc-Product-01 HO14-Life-Misc-Product-10 HO14-Life-Misc-Skate-01


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