Sabine Haubitz + Stefanie Zoche – Indian Movie Theatres

In three journeys between 2010 and 2013 Sabine Haubitz + Stefanie Zoche  have photographed movie theatres from the ‘Thirties to the ‘Seventies in South India.

“The photos of these buildings give eloquent testimony to the rich cinematic culture of those times. We are particularly interested in the culturally influenced reinterpretation of modern building style apparent in the architectural style, which displays an unusual mixture of Modernism, local architectural elements, a strong use of colour and, in the case of some older cinema halls, of Art Deco.”

Cinemas_of_India_01 Cinemas_of_India_02 Cinemas_of_India_03 Cinemas_of_India_04 Cinemas_of_India_05 Cinemas_of_India_06 Cinemas_of_India_07 Cinemas_of_India_08 Cinemas_of_India_09Alankar1-613x490 Lido1-612x490

All images © Haubitz + Zoche, courtesy Nusser & Baumgart, Munich


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