Lazy Oaf – Midnight Lizard

Lazy Oaf double drop some poison with two Milksnakes, a Python, Veilied Chameleon, Blue Tongued Skink and Bird Eating Tarantula to present their new Winter 2014 collection. Check this out.

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

1602137_10152372235116452_4548118972715674888_o 10532975_10152372235246452_8089918706582693309_o 10580786_10152372235371452_3487631963737407237_o 10608567_10152372235351452_737270903141496415_o 10623861_10152372235101452_3041950575237162568_o 10636354_10152372235241452_257586688843760153_o 10648323_10152372235191452_4962159662410819653_o 10687413_10152372235331452_1564644116107226986_o 10688190_10152372235111452_5361069809880110542_o 10702045_10152374204466452_5129176911555112330_n


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