HUF x Gorey – Fall 2014 Collection

Showcasing the second delivery of HUF Fall 2014 Collection, this lookbook features watercolor artwork by Seb Gorey, an artist, illustrator, and designer born in Paris, France, and currently based in New York City. Photography by Brian Kelley. Video by Brandon Kuzma.


huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_0-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_1-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_2-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_3-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_4-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_5-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_6-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_7-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_8-1024x682 huf_fall_14_d2_look_book_gorey_2014_9-1024x682


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