Travel Photography by Marianna Jamadi

Marianna Jamadi is a passionate traveler capturing beautiful and authentic scenes from around the world. Her mother is Finnish, her father is Indonesian, she was born and raised in California, spent her twenties in New York, and now she roams the world finding beauty in experience.
She also co-founded El Camino, offering accompanied trips to people who’d like to experience their trips from a local perspective and live off the standard tourist paths.

Marianna_Jamadi_01 Marianna_Jamadi_02 Marianna_Jamadi_03 Marianna_Jamadi_04 Marianna_Jamadi_06 Marianna_Jamadi_07 Marianna_Jamadi_08 Marianna_Jamadi_11 Marianna_Jamadi_12 Marianna_Jamadi_24



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