Grind London SpS14 “Bits For The Bits” Editorial

The London-based lifestyle brand Grind London has produced another one of their editorials that we always look forward to receiving in our inbox. “Bits For The Bits” has been shot on location in Egypt’s South Sinai by photographer Sayda Alexander. It features local Bedouin Ibrahim who’s decked out in a combination of his own customary attire and some of the finest wares from the label’s Spring/Summer 2014 “Classic Summer Cuts” collection. The brand’s honest approach to menswear comes through not only in their designs but in the whole visual package they present. To get involved, you can pick up the pieces now from their webstore.

grind-london-bits-for-the-bits-editorial-1 grind-london-bits-for-the-bits-editorial-2 grind-london-bits-for-the-bits-editorial-3 grind-london-bits-for-the-bits-editorial-4 grind-london-bits-for-the-bits-editorial-5 grind-london-bits-for-the-bits-editorial-6 grind-london-bits-for-the-bits-editorial-7 grind-london-bits-for-the-bits-editorial-8

Via Highsnobiety



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