Revenge is Sweet x Jour Blanc

Revenge is Sweet is a creative studio based in Paris and London. It was set up in 2006 by Lee Owens and Angelique Piliere. The studio works in all areas of Art Direction, Design, Illustration and Consultation across a broad range of applications including Editorial, Visual Identity, Exhibition and Communications. They have recently worked with Jour Blanc, a luxury silk scarves brand that mixes modern design with tradition and craftsmanship.

Angelique_Piliee_JourBlanc_Packaging_02 Angelique_Piliere_JourBlanc_Scarves_Collection_No2_02_905 Angelique_Piliere_JourBlanc_Scarves_Collection_No2_03_o Angelique_Piliere_JourBlanc_Scarves_Collection_No2_07_905 Angelique_Piliere_JourBlanc_Scarves_Collection_No2_09_o AP cover3 cover21 JourBlanc_Scarf_JB001_Crop_small_905



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