LET US ROAM – Atiba Jefferson

Atiba Jefferson is a professional photographer from Colorado Springs, CO. He discovered photography in high school and quickly developed a passion for the camera. Since skateboarding was his first love it naturally became his primary subject and the focus through the lens. His desire to capture the movement of skateboarding, precisely how he saw it, pushed him to move to California and chase his dream of becoming a professional photographer. Atiba now shoots everything from skateboarding to Lakers games to portraits of world-famous musicians and athletes. This short film gives a glimpse into the crazy life of Atiba and how he became a professional photographer.



Leica-Let-Us-Roam-Atiba-Jefferson-00 Leica-Let-Us-Roam-Atiba-Jefferson-01 Leica-Let-Us-Roam-Atiba-Jefferson-02 Leica-Let-Us-Roam-Atiba-Jefferson-03 Leica-Let-Us-Roam-Atiba-Jefferson-04 Leica-Let-Us-Roam-Atiba-Jefferson-05

Production Agency: Helio Collective
Director / Cinematographer: Christopher Murphy
Producer: Zach Johaneson
Editor: Sam Hedlund
Story Editor: Elliot Lindsey
Sound: Michael Suarez
Additional Cinematography: Logan Triplett / Zach Osterhout / Arto Saari
Camera Assistant: Adam Kirshhoffer
Graphics & Color: Jim Menkol
Archival Footage: RB Umali / Emerica / Ty Evans / Fred Mortagne
Digital Rights Management by: Nimia – nimia.com –



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