Opening Ceremony x Magritte Lookbook

Coinciding with the release of the Opening Ceremony & Magritte collection, the two have released a surrealist editorial in honor of the Belgian artist. The collection features René Magritte’s ShéhérazadeA Beautiful Relationship, The Blow to the HeartThe Ladder of Fire, and The King’s Museum paintings printed on various items of clothing and Vans sneakers. As is typical in the artist’s paintings, the model’s faces are concealed either by turning away or obscured by flowers and windswept white sheets, resulting in a dreamy photoshoot shot by Philippe Jarrigeon.

Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-01 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-02 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-03 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-04 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-05 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-07 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-08 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-09 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-10 Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Fucking-Young-Edtiorial-11 Vans-x-Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Collection-01 Vans-x-Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Collection-02 Vans-x-Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Collection-03 Vans-x-Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Collection-04 Vans-x-Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Collection-09 Vans-x-Opening-Ceremony-Magritte-Collection-10

Via Highsnobiety


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