10.Deep Pre-Summer 2014 “INTRNTNLLY KNWN” Lookbook

With May around the corner, 10.Deep introduces its pre-summer ”INTRNTNLLY KNWN” collection. This latest delivery specifically looks south for inspiration, with a horde of prints that conjure thoughts of Florida, the Caribbean and the jungles of South America. Featuring a range of patterns that include multiple ikat fabrics and several bold prints, from palm trees, florals and geometric patterns to a pictorial homage of the illegal export business that’s often associated with the region, the range spreads its graphics across a selection of T-shirts, tanks, short sleeved button-downs and shorts alike. The 10.Deep Pre-Summer 2014 collection is now available at the brand’s online store.

10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-01-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-02-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-03-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-04-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-05-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-06-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-07-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-08-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-09-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-10-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-11-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-12-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-13-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-14-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-15-960x640 10-deep-pre-summer-2014-intrntnlly-knwn-lookbook-16-960x640

Via Highsnobiety



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