10.Deep “Internationally Known” Spring 2014 Collection


10.DEEP has recently dropped out a new collection dubbed ‘Internationally Known’ for this Spring 2014 with a bunch of new hoodies, pants and shirts. This new delivery takes the exploration of global design influences the brand began in the first seasonal offering of product from the far to the near east.  The result is an offering that features a melding of Abjad and English text and Kilim and Byzantine brocade inspired patterns and colors.  In addition, a vintage map that was the source idea for the international theme of the season is featured in one of the season’s highlight all-over prints.

10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-2-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-3-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-5-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-6-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-7-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-8-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-9-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-10-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-11-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-12-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-13-620x413 10-deep-2014-spring-internationally-known-delivery-2-lookbook-14-620x413



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