POPEYE – Supreme SS14 “Ca$hville” Editorial by Harmony Korine

Multi-talented Harmony Korine recently shot an editorial for POPEYE Magazine presenting Supreme’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 line. Titled “Ca$hville,” the shot was the magazine’s first visit to Nashville, Tennessee and welcomed local skate kids and friends of Korine to show off some of the collection’s pieces including vividly-printed hoodies, graphic tees and jackets. Also making a few appearances was the special black and white leather hoodie done in collaboration with PlayBoy.

popeye-supreme-2014-spring-summer-cahville-editorial-by-harmony-korine-00 popeye-supreme-2014-spring-summer-cahville-editorial-by-harmony-korine-01 popeye-supreme-2014-spring-summer-cahville-editorial-by-harmony-korine-02 popeye-supreme-2014-spring-summer-cahville-editorial-by-harmony-korine-03 popeye-supreme-2014-spring-summer-cahville-editorial-by-harmony-korine-05 popeye-supreme-2014-spring-summer-cahville-editorial-by-harmony-korine-5 popeye-supreme-2014-spring-summer-cahville-editorial-by-harmony-korine-06 popeye-supreme-2014-spring-summer-cahville-editorial-by-harmony-korine-9




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