RVCA Women’s Spring 2014 starring Ashley Smith

Californian label RVCA is introducing its new lookbook for their Women’s Spring 2014 collection. Shot by Taryn Anderson, the lookbook features RVCA advocate Ashley Smith and embraces a rustic combination of 1970′s culture and bohemian freedom. Check out the accompanying video after the shoot, shot and edited by Sandy Kim, featuring the sounds of Yeti Beats.

01_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 02a_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 02b_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 03_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 05a_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 05b_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 06_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 08_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 09_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 10a_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 11_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 12b_rvca_womens_looks_sp14 13_rvca_womens_looks_sp14

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/74779169 w=640&h=360]




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