Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes SS14 Lookbook

Although still centered on the classic button-up silhouette, contemporary menswear brand Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes shows signs of expanding its repertoire in its 2014 spring/summer collection. Delivering a lookbook with the title ‘CHLOROPHYLIA,’ the impending warm-weather range is said to be inspired by certain biological theories, cell magnification, and the investigation of natural and man-made constructs. As a result SE&V experiments with different textures, prints and even color-blocking, whilst reviving a ’50s-styled zip-up jacket.

sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-1 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-2 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-3 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-4 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-5 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-6 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-7 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-8 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-9 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-10 sidian-ersatz-vanes-2014-spring-summer-lookbook-11

Via Hypebeast



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