POW! WOW! ’14 / Previews: “Exploring The New Contemporary Movement” @ Honolulu Museum Of Art School

Last night, the Honolulu Museum Of Art School hosted the official launch of this year’s edition of POW! WOW! Hawaii with an opening of a big  group show curated by the Thinkspace Gallery. Presenting all new 2×2′ works by40+ international urban, street and contemporary artists, this show attracted a lot of attention of the local art lovers as well as the participating artists of this year’s festival. With many of the featured artists taking part in POW! WOW! this year, a lot of them were present at the opening, making the event even more special.

The idea of the show was to freshen up the museum practice and space by exhibiting the new, exciting works by some of the recognizable names of the movement from all over the world.  The intense mixture of different styles, techniques, concepts and themes, provided something for every visitor of the show. From minimalist geometric works of Carl Cashman or Dalek, different style canvas works by known street artists such as Sainer, Bezt, Gaia, Reka, Seth, Stinkfish, Pixel Pancho, Curiot or Nosego, emotive and unique works of Brendan Monroe, Andrew Schoultz ,and Know Hope, to recognizable graphic iconography by Dabs Myla and Buff Monster, and many more. Displayed on artificial “walls” placed inside of the gallery space, the show allowed visitors to walk between and explore the collected works at their leisure.

AndrewSchoultz_Sherbert-Tree Dabs-Myla-Thinkspace-Pow-Wow LowBros_PowWow_14_2 photo-2 powwowhawaii_museum_show12 powwowhawaii_museum_show21 powwowhawaii_museum_show22 powwowhawaii_museum_show23 powwowhawaii_museum_show30 powwowhawaii_museum_show33 powwowhawaii_museum_show35 powwowhawaii_museum_show36 powwowhawaii_museum_show38 powwowhawaii_museum_show40 powwowhawaii_museum_show41 powwowhawaii_museum_show42 powwowhawaii_museum_show44 powwowhawaii_museum_show46 powwowhawaii_museum_show47 Stephanie_Buer Sugar_Bunch



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