Shiva by Alexis Pazoumian

Shiva is a wonderful photographic series shot by French talented photographer Alexis Pazoumian across India. More after the jump.

1_2048 CNV000003-9_2048 CNV000004-8_2048 CNV000006-12_2048 CNV000012-3_2048 CNV000013-3_2048 CNV000015-2_2048 CNV000015-4_2048 CNV000016-8_2048 CNV000022-4_2048 CNV000023-2_2048 CNV000024-14_2048 CNV000025-12_2048 CNV000028-3_2048 CNV000031-9_2048 CNV000032-10_2048 CNV000034-12_2048


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