Steady Zine’s “Holi” Issue Ventures Deep into India

Fresh off the presses in New York City is the newest issue of Steady Zine. A collaboration between three prolific artists in the city – Brian Kelley, Dan Zvereff and Justin Hogan – the indie ‘zine focuses on quality film and digital photos, often documenting a gritty perspective of various subcultures and minorities. This issue, dubbed the “Holi” issue, immerses the viewer into the artists’ exploration of India. Containing crisp portraits, caricatures, and landscape shots, the “Holi” issue seeks to portray everyday life in one of the world’s most vibrant countries. Enjoy two teaser features below, then pick up this issue of Steady at DQM, La Colombe, and Dashwood Books if in the New York area.

steady-zine-holi-issue-1 steady-zine-holi-issue-2 steady-zine-holi-issue-3 steady-zine-holi-issue-4 steady-zine-holi-issue-5


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