Nike “Army & Navy” Pack – size? Exclusive

The latest series of kicks available exclusively to the UK’s size? is the Nike “Army & Navy” pack consisting of the Air Max Light, Air Huarache and Air Max 93. Created to be simple, functional, comfortable and in some cases blended with technical specifications to assist the wearer in their duties, these values were applied to a trio of Nike’s groundbreaking tech models from back in the day. Each model is available in an “Army” tone or a “Navy” option, while mixes of khaki green and golden yellow alongside the dark and azure blues mesh perfectly with the heavy canvas, neoprene and textured leather panels.

nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-01-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-02-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-03-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-04-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-05-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-06-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-07-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-08-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-09-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-10-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-11-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-12-960x640 nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive-13-960x640

Via Highsnobiety


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