Carhartt WIP x Retrosuperfuture

Carhartt WIP has joined its creative forces with RETROSUPERFUTURE® in developing a specifically tailored line of sunglasses. For their first collection, three distinctive silhouettes have been studied and designed, each named after a different area of Detroit, Carhartt’s home town. More information here.

10769_10152245841120452_1478801347_n-620x412 16616_10152245841955452_519651494_n-620x412 154879_10152245842590452_597521152_n-620x412 999188_10152245841100452_456206919_n-620x412 1512503_10152245841115452_1057677307_n-620x413 1536577_10152245842480452_573875623_n-620x412 1560496_10152245841260452_1654175999_n-620x412 1609772_10152245841520452_878089014_n-620x412 1780781_10152245842435452_1058221366_n-620x412


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