Tan & Loose

Great printwork & design by Chicago based publishers / printers Tan & Loose Press, with the work of talented artists such as Damien Corell, Will Bryant, Jiro Bevis & Laurie Rollit.

4_850 Editorial-Insert-2-web Jordy-Thumb-Shadow_850 Rand-Thumb-Shadow Ryan-Thumb-Shadow_850 The-Picnic_1_o-974x630 Tim-Thumb-Shadow_850 tumblr_mtlcdftFsX1qjvs1vo4_1280-974x974 tumblr_musl7aDBPB1qjvs1vo1_1280 tumblr_mvtbccnpJY1qjvs1vo1_1280-974x1250 tumblr_mvxeyvLIjI1qjvs1vo1_1280-974x1247 tumblr_mvxeyvLIjI1qjvs1vo2_1280-974x1247 tumblr_mw8lhupi7z1qjvs1vo1_1280 tumblr_mws98jk22j1qjvs1vo1_1280-974x729 tumblr_myl6ikkGu11qjvs1vo1_1280 tumblr_myl6o7cZxr1qjvs1vo2_1280 tumblr_myl6pgGQnG1qjvs1vo1_1280

Via Fucknfilthy



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