Levi’s Vintage Clothing SS14 “Treasure Island” Lookbook

Levi’s Vintage Clothing is consistently impressive in its ability to reproduce gear that is nostalgic in its high quality, and for this latest lookbook LVC presents its 2013 spring/summer collection in faithfully Western style. In what sounds like a memorable real-life event, a man-made ‘Treasure Island’ was built in the middle of San Francisco in 1939 for the San Francisco World’s Fair, and for the occasion Levi’s set up a mechanical rodeo featuring wooden puppets modeled on rodeo stars from the time, dressed in miniature Levi’s outfits. The “Treasure Island” lookbook brings us back to the date, with a variety of archival pieces that are complimented nicely by vintage photography. Offering up another concise vision of heritage garb, take a better look at the collection on the Levi’s site.

levis-vintage-clothing-2014-springsummer-treasure-island-lookbook-1 levis-vintage-clothing-2014-springsummer-treasure-island-lookbook-2 levis-vintage-clothing-2014-springsummer-treasure-island-lookbook-3 levis-vintage-clothing-2014-springsummer-treasure-island-lookbook-4 levis-vintage-clothing-2014-springsummer-treasure-island-lookbook-5 levis-vintage-clothing-2014-springsummer-treasure-island-lookbook-8 levis-vintage-clothing-2014-springsummer-treasure-island-lookbook-9 levis-vintage-clothing-2014-springsummer-treasure-island-lookbook-11




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