Ryan Adi Putra – Permanent Vacation @ Deus Bali

Deus‘ Temple of Enthusiasm in Bali has recently opened a new exhibition starring the work of great Artist Ryan Adi Putra from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

“Staying in the south area of Yogyakarta, Ryan Ady Putra is now completing his studies at the Institute Art of Indonesia. The man who was born in Jakarta in 1990 is a young artist who is currently busy pursuing his career in the local art scene as well as internationally.

His interest in drawing is growing since he lived at Magelang, the city in the north area of Yogyakarta. At that time, he began to know about skateboard scene and music, specially punk. And in that time also, he began to know the act of “Do It Yourself”. Starting from Mural, Graffity and Silkscreen Print, his interest in art is getting closer. He’s getting more interested in skateboard graphics and any graphics that is related to it, familiar icons like Bones Brigade, Power Peralta, or even a photographs or graphics that he saw on the magazines are make him more interested in that world.”

01_04_Permanent_Vacat00003ion 01_04_Permanent_Vacat00004ion 01_04_Permanent_Vacat00005ion 01_04_Permanent_Vacat00007ion 01_04_Permanent_Vacat00012ion 01_04_Permanent_Vacat00014ion 01_04_Permanent_Vacat00025ion



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