Sticks & Stones Shotgun Wedding

Ainsley Hutchence and Sebastien Fougere from Sticks & Stones Agency share their wild wedding experience with us in this exclusive editorial shot by Jenneke Storm. The hazardous happening began in Venice Beach, then continued with a drive down to Las Vegas where they checked into the Flamingo and were later joined in holy matrimony by Elvis Presley. A couple I-heart-Vegas tattoos later, it’s clear the happy couple are in for a lifetime of rowdiness.

Ainsley-Sebestien_001-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_002-600x900 Ainsley-Sebestien_003-600x900 Ainsley-Sebestien_004-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_005-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_006-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_007-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_009-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_010-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_011-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_012-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_016-600x900 Ainsley-Sebestien_017-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_018-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_020-600x900 Ainsley-Sebestien_021-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_024-600x900 Ainsley-Sebestien_025-600x900 Ainsley-Sebestien_027-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_029-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_032-600x900 Ainsley-Sebestien_036-600x900 Ainsley-Sebestien_040-600x400 Ainsley-Sebestien_044-600x900





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