SNEAKER FREAKER x PUMA Blaze of Glory ‘Sharkbait’

Back in 2008, with the sneaker world gripped by Dunk-mania, Puma offered us the chance to design the first colourways of their Blaze of Glory runner. Sold out in nano-seconds, the Great White edition dropped to universal critical acclaim. Flipping the silver to inky black was a no-brainer on a follow-up we called the ‘Black Beast’. A third version came about when we discovered that sharkskin leather was available commercially. Just 30 pairs made from genuine shark were given away to Sneaker Freaker friends and family. Five years down the track, we regard these exquisitely beautiful sharkskin Pumas as the pinnacle of our collaborative endeavours. During discussions over the anniversary re-release of the OG Blazes, talk naturally turned to another ‘friends and family’ release. Whilst it was tempting to go back for a second bite of shark leather, we knew it was time for something new. The result is this turquoise terror we have dubbed ‘SHARKBAIT’. With hits of treasure-chest gold, mako grey midsoles and infinite black accents, it’s the perfect endgame for this predatory project.

Available online.

Sneaker-Freaker-x-Puma-Sharkbait-00 Sneaker-Freaker-x-Puma-Sharkbait-01 Sneaker-Freaker-x-Puma-Sharkbait-02 Sneaker-Freaker-x-Puma-Sharkbait-05


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