Daily Paper 2013 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Daily Paper releases new images of their 2013 fall/winter collection. Inspired by African culture, cultural patterns are subtly peppered into the details of the tailored fit streetwear brand. The Amsterdam-based clothing emphasizes their contemporary design with a unique rugged character. Specifically, this collection consists of an assortment of all-over print T-shirts, wool crewneck sweaters, corduroy button-ups, and varsity jackets inspired by Mali mud cloth and the Kenyan Maasai tribe.

daily-paper-2013-fallwinter-lookbook-1 daily-paper-2013-fallwinter-lookbook-2 daily-paper-2013-fallwinter-lookbook-3 daily-paper-2013-fallwinter-lookbook-4

Author: Aaron Lau  /  Photographer: Marnix Postma/HMS Amsterdam  /  Creative: Wayh Gude  /  Stylist: Doru Loboka & Jefferson Osei

Via Hypebeast



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