PATTA #SSS Ladies Editorial

Despite the fact that the Patta brand is primarily aimed at men, we see more and more ladies incorporating Patta pieces with their effeminate attire. Creatives Ace Dia and Violette Esmeralda conceptualized and art directed the Patta #SSS ladies editorial featuring models Sara Grabek and Georgia Palmer, styled by Mila van der Linden. The editorial highlights the latest Patta Winter collection and displays it from a more feminine fashion perspective on the brand’s classic streetwear-type of feel, in a way women wear it.

patta_sss_01 Patta-SSS-Ladies-Editorial-01 Patta-SSS-Ladies-Editorial-02 Patta-SSS-Ladies-Editorial-03 Patta-SSS-Ladies-Editorial-04 Patta-SSS-Ladies-Editorial-05 Patta-SSS-Ladies-Editorial-06

Concept & Art Direction: Ace Dia & Violette Esmeralda

Photography: Violette Esmeralda
Make Up: Ace Dia
Hair: Portia Williams
Styling: Mila van der Linden
Models: Sara Grabek & Georgia Palmer @ IMG London


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