Project Zoltar Presents ‘Zoltar the Magnificent’ Book

Having worked alongside British creatives the Chapman Brothers, Bez of Happy Mondays, and with several sought-out collaborations with Frank 151 and Nike under its belt, UK fashion and art imprint Project Zoltar– consisting of Dan Macmillan and Kieron Livingstone — celebrates 1o years since its inception with a book titled Zoltar the Magnificent. Decidedly disruptive, Project Zoltar adds its own piece of mind to visual culture, blending social commentary with mind-expanding artwork in the hardback tome. Kick starting the release with an exhibition in London, the project will then make its way to NYC and LA, stay tuned for more from Project Zoltar.

“Zoltar The Magnificent was formed by Dan Macmillan and Barnzley in 2002 in London’s Soho. A deliberately disruptive entity, it was created in an effort to upset what the pair consider ‘an otherwise boring London’.”

Available here.



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