Parra x Case Studyo “Vaso Di Culo”

Amsterdam-based artist PARRA recently teamed with art publisher and producer CASE STUDYO to produce two pieces and the last of PARRA’s releases for this year. The first, the “Vaso Di Culo” or literally translated, the ‘butt vase’, is crafted out of a cream white porcelain and is printed with bird-like figures in black. The second, “Sleep Deprived,” marks the first time PARRA has done a collaboration for a carpet and features a 100% woolen construction in black and ivory. It features a dog-like figure in the artist’s trademark surreal style taking a rest. Both the vase and carpet can currently be ordered through CASE STUDYO’s website.

img_parra_vaso parra-x-case-studyo-vaso-di-culo-porcelain-vase-01 parra-x-case-studyo-vaso-di-culo-porcelain-vase-02 parra-x-case-studyo-vaso-di-culo-porcelain-vase-03


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