HUF – Holiday 2013 Collection

HUF presents its latest collection of clothing with this great lookbook shot by Brian Kelley that this time has chosen Detroit as the location and two distinguished graffiti writers of the west coast scene: BEGR and Remio.

HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-00 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-01 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-02 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-03 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-04 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-05 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-06 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-07 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-08 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-09 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-10 HUF-Holiday-2013-Lookbook-11



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