FUCT 2013 Fall/Winter “Due In Time” Lookbook

FUCT presents “Due In Time”: its latest collection for Fall/Winter 2013. Shot in Bangkok, this season’s lookbook is meant to highlight the perseverance of the human spirit despite the suffocating masses and the somewhat seedy underbelly that lies beneath the glossy exterior of a modern, first-world city. A nod to the everyday struggle, the lookbook showcases everything from graphic tees and hoodies to caps and socks – each boldly emblazoned with the streetwear brand’s renowned thematic iconography – on a bevy of locals throughout the Asian cityscape. FUCT’s latest pieces will soon be available at select stockists and the label’s own online store.

FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-00FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-01 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-16 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-15 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-14 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-13 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-12 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-11 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-10 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-09 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-08 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-07 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-06 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-05 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-04 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-03 FUCT-Due-In-Time-Lookbook-02

Via Hypebeast



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