DESILLUSION #42 – Prisoner of Pleasure

Desillusion Magazine is proud to presents his latest issue,

Featured : Chad Tim Tim, Cyrus Sutton, Nic Fensom, Fabiano Rodrigues, Jason Baffa, Jack Belli, Jenavieve Belair, Joe G, Timothy Evans, Alison Scarpulla, Kevin Cyr, Lanakila Macnaughton, Luidgi Gaydu, Stale Standbeck, Andy Campbell & Much more

Available right here : store


KJ8A1022-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0999-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0960-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0948-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0937-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0927-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0922-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0910-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0898-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0894-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0892-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0886-2-2-950x633 KJ8A0858-2-2-950x633


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